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Beautiful Product Design, Inside and Out

Get a design that transcends the pixels. Capture an entire experience, express your brand identity, and empower your customers in a single solution. Let's build something great together.

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Enterprise-grade Design

Your UX shouldn't change with each new release. Get a design that scales with your product and business. I specialize in enterprise-grade, extensible design. My designs leverage powerful patterns that can be reused throughout the UI, making the experience intuitive and the implementation simple.

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An Agency of One

I don't play telephone through account managers and art directors; you'll find no gatekeepers here. I work directly with my clients, integrated into their teams. I offer the experience and skillset of a full studio with zero overhead. Stay agile, move fast, and save your budget.

Get More For Your Money
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You Might Know Me From...

  • EventBoard - Founding member and lead designer of this startup (now Teem) which was acquired by WeWork.

  • TSConf - Design for the inaugural brand, site, and merchandise for this annual TypeScript conference.

  • Out of the (Drop)Shadows - Experimental design concept using atmospheric perspective in UI.

  • iPhone Blueprints - Literally wrote the book on UI/UX principles and best practices, specifically in iPhone apps.

  • Designing an Alternative to the Hamburger Menu - Design concept exploring alternatives to hidden navigation.

  • Track 8 - Award winning iOS app that brought Metro UI to the iPad and iPhone.

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    Less Clicking More Binging - UX concept to improve discoverability and the browsing experience on a TV.

  • Ender Labs - Founding member and lead designer of this skunk works style product shop.

Tried and Tested

Repeat Clients, Repeat Success

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Scott for over 15 years on various projects, ranging in size and complexity and spanning diverse mediums, requirements, and deadlines. In each case, Scott has an uncanny ability to transform my vague and unclear ideas into tangible outcomes, which I can only describe as pure magic.
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Zach Holmquist

Partnered with Invert:
Seer Voyage Hitched Teem
Working with Scott on several apps has been a wonderful experience. Whether it's icons, app design, or web design, he has consistently delivered creative solutions that work well and look amazing.
Anders photo

Anders Kierulf

Partnered with Invert:
SmartGo GoBooks SmartOthello
Scott completely changed my perception of what a highly skilled product designer is capable of. His remarkable speed of turnaround and ability to quickly grasp abstract concepts was consistently impressive. Scott effortlessly comprehended the big picture, enabling him to make spot-on design decisions requiring few, if any, revisions.
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Jeff Poulton

Partnered with Invert:
I highly recommend Scott for anyone looking for top-notch design services from an experienced industry veteran. His speed of turnaround is unmatched, and his designs consistently require very few revisions. I've worked with Scott for years and will continue to do so!
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Eric Parker

Partnered with Invert:
Giddy Teem

Let's Build Something Together

Releasing a new feature? Launching an app? Rethinking your UX? Whatever you're working on, let's talk about it. Let's build something that breaks the mold, hits the deadline, and meets the budget. I can't wait to hear about your project.

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